Summer Camp Program

Our unique program offers a creative, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating approach by weaving up-front instruction and demonstration with hands-on learning. Innovation summer camp gives your child the tools to create unique, personal projects through a combination of weekly themes designed around our eco friendly initiatives, science, engineering and math.

Children will learn different scientific principles as they experience the excitement of hands-on experiments. Each day will be a new adventure! Our program also helps students excel in their science, math and language skills by combining eVersaTiles computerized program with hands-on independent learning centers that support all types of learners.

The summer curriculum is enriched with service learning opportunities, physical fitness and sports, academic assistance and complemented by educational field trips.


It is a fact that students lose at least a month of learning during the summer. Here at KLCSD, we try to beat that statistics by incorporating academics throughout the day. On a daily basis, students work on project based learning (PBL's) that incorporates all academic areas including Reading/Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Math, and Science. They also work on Social Skills that focus on character traits and service learning throughout the community. In addition to PBL's and Social Skills, students will also have a daily "STEAM" activity (STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) that will revolve around the camps theme. Our target schools are Kid’s Learning Center and Pine Lake Elementary.

Kids Learning Center is generously funded by The Children’s Trust.
The Children's Trust