After School Program

The Kids Learning Center after school program is geared around empowering our students to think outside the box! We support the goal of promoting inclusion for children with disabilities, so all participants strive in education. KLC’s after-school program is funded by The Children's Trust, a dedicated revenue source established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County.

After school Transportation from selective neighboring schools is provided. Please check our availability.


The program utilizes the STEAM philosophy by using Project Based Learning. Students learn through hands-on experiences by incorporating Math, Science, Engineering, Social Studies, Art, Language, and Technology.

Some of the opportunities available include enrichment activities that focus on living “green”, Engineering, computer coding, Physical Fitness, Character Education, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Academic support is provided in all areas, and the students have time dedicated specifically to homework. On-going tutoring help students succeed in reading and math. In addition, differentiated literacy instruction works with advanced reading techniques, bringing reading skills up for struggling students.

The After-School program for middle school students is also focused on Art & Music and job training, bringing our Middle School students’ inspiration to learn and improve their academic and social-emotional skills.
The Children's Trust