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Preschool - Overview
Kids Learning Center is committed to the education of children and increasing their level of development. The preschool program promises a number of experiences where children can acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to enter primary school. Our program makes it a priority to enhance the development of the child and the child as a person through the integration of movement, expression, communication, and thinking. It also helps to develop enthusiasm, motivation and disposition in everything you do, as well as forming children that are active, creative and dynamic. There is an affectionate and intelligent component to introduce them to healthy lifestyle habits that lead to the care and conservation of themselves, each other and their environment. They will also be involved in developing activities for the creative potential to promote awareness-raising, experimentation and transformation. They will be enabling basic skills for learning and the enjoyment and value for what they do.

To accomplish KLC expectations our staff is carefully selected, and the lessons are individually planned to meet the unique needs of each child. Our program is considered as a method of support for the family and the child. We understand, to see the result on the children, the family plays an important role in their education. The school and parents must work together to motivate in a positive way to the child the aspects of cognitive, social, physical and emotional behaviors.

- Educational levels
The educational levels of our school are classified by age: Infant (3-12 months) Toddler 1 (12-24 months) Toddler 2 (24-48 months) preschool (48-60 months) VPK (4 years old before September 1st). Each class has the teachers needed to comply with the requirements of the Department of Children and Family.

- Preschool
Our Preschool children show progress in physical and intellectual independence, which is possible by physical skills and complex language. This educational program is structured where they are integrated into the curriculum so that children are exposed to these necessary materials including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and computer skills.

- VPK Program
The VPK program is a government program that is designed to prepare every four year old in Florida for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success. The VPK is governed by standards that are aligned to the State School Standards. School year program includes 540 hours of instructional time and is from August to June. To get information on how to apply for this FREE VPK certificate, please contact our office.
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