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Summer Camp - Activities
KLCSD III PBL -Myth Buster Kids - Summer 2019
July 2, 2019
Summer 4 class made an amazing discovering! The students learned about the story of medusa and how when people looked into her eyes she would turn them into stone. The students played a game of Medu...
KLCSD III PBL - Myth Buster Kids -Exploration
June 10, 2019
Our Summer 2 students were amazed by science during this " Myth Buster Kids" science activity. How can the water not spill out of the bag, after the bag got poked? Mystery....
KLCSD1 Summer Spectacular
June 10, 2019
KLCSD1- Summer of the Sea
July 1, 2018
As we continue through our summer camp, our students are learning a lot about the Ocean and all of its inhabitants. They even learned how the moon affects life under the sea.
KLCSD1- Summer of the Sea
June 11, 2018
KLCSD III PBL - Designing Submersibles
August 1, 2017
During this month, our participants had the opportunity of applying the knowledge of the data they collected (floating and sinking) to imagine, plan and create a submersible design. Participants used ...
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