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We are Green!
Kids Learning Center has formed a partnership with the EDGE (Early Development of Global Education) organization to create an earth-conscious environment for our students.
On April 21, 2011 we became a nationally-recognized EDGE accredited center. We were awarded gold level accreditation as a green school. Here are some of the exciting things we have accomplished:

•Adopted an endangered animal, the sea turtle, through the World Wildlife Fund.

•Set up an environmental research center in our library where students study endangered animals and other topics related to environmental science.

•We use Envirox cleaning products that are certified green and are safe for our students and the environment. We do not use bleach or aerosol can products which are known to trigger asthma and other breathing conditions in children.

•Our schools are painted with reduced VOC paint which is safe for children and does not expose them to the toxins in regular paint.

•Each classroom has at least two child-friendly plants that help to clean the air our students breathe.

•Our students have access to an outdoor learning environment where they connect with nature by doing hands-on experimenting with gardening, composting, water conservation and much more.

•Our "Green Team" implemented a school-wide recycling program. We recycle paper, plastics, aluminum, batteries, ink cartridges, and toner cartridges.

•We have partnered with Terracycle recycling juice pouches and chip bags to be reused to make other useful items.

•As part of our service learning, we have adopted a needy child through the World Vision organization and our students contribute money to help her prosper. The students learn what her life is like in her native country of Columbia.
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