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KLCSD III 2019 Thanksgiving Luncheon
November 26, 2019
Our families got together one more time to celebrate this important Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
KLCSD III PBL -Myth Buster Kids - Summer 2019
July 2, 2019
Summer 4 class made an amazing discovering! The students learned about the story of medusa and how when people looked into her eyes she would turn them into stone. The students played a game of Medu...
KLCSD III PBL - Myth Buster Kids -Exploration
June 10, 2019
Our Summer 2 students were amazed by science during this " Myth Buster Kids" science activity. How can the water not spill out of the bag, after the bag got poked? Mystery....
KLCSD1 Summer Spectacular
June 10, 2019
Middle School Summer Reading 2019
June 1, 2019
KLCSD - PBL - "Oceans" - All around the World Project
May 14, 2019
After School 3 was able to use their engineering design process skills to create a bridge that can go over the water. The also had to brainstorm and make calculations to make sure the bridge would hol...
KLCSD1- Earth Day Activities
April 1, 2019
Students participated in different STEM Earth Day activities.
KLCSD1- Spring Break Camp
March 25, 2019
This Spring Break, students went back in time to learn about ancient civilizations. While learning about Egypt, students made paper mache mummies and tried mummifying apples while learning why and how...
KLCSD III PBL - Exploration - "On a Roll"
February 11, 2019
Students got together in groups to create their own original obstacle course using different materials inspired by Galileo. They had lots of fun learning by their multiple tentative. Good job After Sc...
KLCSD1- Night at the Museum continued.
February 1, 2019
Continuing with our PBl unit of Museums. Students created one of a kind interactive exhibits. Here they are pictured building a skyrail to learn about momentum and force. They also played an interacti...
KLCSD III PBL - Night at the Museum
January 7, 2019
Our After School 3 students engaged in a 3D geometry experiment, for the Math Matters portion of " Night at the Museum PBL project. They worked together in small groups, and experimented different wa...
KLCSD1- Night at the Museum PBL
January 1, 2019
Did you know there was such a thing as a Math Museum? Our student learned what kinds of exhibits can be found at a Math Museum and created some pretty cool pieces themselves.
December 4, 2018
The After School 4 students engaged in a very interesting activity during our "Africa" project. They had to create a rabbit from the story book called " The Rabbit who Wanted Wisdom", which is part o...
KLCSD1- PBL "Africa" continued.
December 1, 2018
Students are learning about Africa's unique animals and their characteristics. Students sculpted and drew animals. Africa is well known for its traditional tribal music and rhythm. Students used their...
KLCSD III PBL "Africa" - Scortching Sahara
November 13, 2018
Our After School students had to design their own saddle that was strong enough to hold a paper ball while galloping like a horse.
KLCSD1- PBL Africa
November 1, 2018
Our 2nd PBL unit is all about Africa. In this unit, students get to learn all about Morocco. They have learned about its location, demographic, and landscape. Students also learned about Morocco's ric...
KLCSD1 - Enrichment Activities GREEN TEAM
October 31, 2018
KLCSD1- Family Nutrition Night!
October 26, 2018
Parents were invited to come and join us to learn more about nutrition at home. The SNAP program at University of Florida came to demonstrate how much sugar are in some of the most popular drinks stud...
KLCSD III PBL - Africa! - "Let's Talk Sculptures"
October 10, 2018
Our After School 2 Students created their own Sphinx sculpture from clay today. Check our amazing pictures!!
KLCSD III The 80's - Art in Action
September 11, 2018
After School 2 students were happy to work in such a meaningful recycling activity during their PBL time. By understanding the need of recycling they help the world while engaging in a fun experiment...
KLCSD1- PBL The Eighties
September 1, 2018
Students were learning about movies that were hits in the 1980's and how producers tried to make kid movies appear alive. Students learned here are pictured creating a thaumatrope that has two sides a...
KLCSD III PBL "The 80's" - Around The World
August 21, 2018
Our After School 2 participants had lots of fun and learned how to make optical illusions in this amazing "Little Mairmaid" 80's Project.
KLCSD1 - The Eighties PBL
August 20, 2018
Students bring back to life the 1980's through music, art, books, science, and exploration. In this activity, students explore words that are considered "slang". They learn what slang means and expl...
KLCSD III PBL - Literacy Book Creation
July 10, 2018
In the "Spreading the Word" Project (Global Treasures) students created their own PBL Journals using different materials. Good job Summer 3 class!!
KLCSD1- Summer of the Sea
July 1, 2018
As we continue through our summer camp, our students are learning a lot about the Ocean and all of its inhabitants. They even learned how the moon affects life under the sea.
KLCSD III Summer PBL "Global Treasures"
June 11, 2018
Our Summer 2 students had fun in knowing a little bit more of this global treasure in a very fun activity. "The Lovely Tower of Pisa" allowed them to create their own Pisa Tower.
KLCSD1- Summer of the Sea
June 11, 2018
KLCSD III PBL - " What on Earth?" - Volcano Explosion
May 25, 2018
After School 5 students discovered how a volcano explode in a exciting "hands on" activity.
KLCSD1 - Water Animation Experiment
May 1, 2018
Students learned how to animate water using dry erase markers. They learned how the silicone ingredient in dry erase markers does not adhere when water is poured over and therefore, it floats!! How co...
KLCSD III PBL - "What on Earth" - It All Adds Up!
April 17, 2018
During our amazing PBL class " What on Earth?" - It All Adds Up! our after school students were able to learn how to make a Knex car. They had a really good time!
KLCSD III PBL " Can You Dig It?"
February 13, 2018
After School 3 student's dig into the greatest mysteries of all times during this exciting PBL activity:)
February 1, 2018
Students were learning all about remarkable destinations such as Pompeii. Then they were able to create their own model of a volcano and observe how a volcano reacts and how it can spread to different...
KLCSD III PBL "What's the Word in Pompeii?"
January 23, 2018
What's the Word in Pompeii: The students in AF 2 (3rd Grade) learned about the city of Pompeii and how a volcano destroyed the whole city. They created their own active volcanoes and also learned abou...
January 1, 2018
In this engaging activity, students were learning about fossils and the scientists who study them. To wrap it up, students played a guessing game to use describing words such as the scientists do when...
KLCSD III PBL "Behind the Mask"
December 27, 2017
Description: "Behind the Mask": Our After-school class 2 learned about the importance of emotions which are expressed in African culture through masks called "Tribal Art" for celebrations. They create...
December 26, 2017
November 28, 2017
Here are the students at work trying to replicate the Pointillism Painting Technique. Our After School students are real "artists":)
KLCSD1- Fitness Activities
November 1, 2017
KLCSD III PBL - Of the Beaten Path - "Oh the Places we will go!!"
October 23, 2017
Our After School 3 students had a blast creating different countries sculptures during their What on Earth? - Of the Beaten path - Bring on the Books Project.
KLCSD III PBL - It's Phenomenal - Chasing Ice
October 18, 2017
During their PBL activity (It's Phenomenal) our participants had a lot of fun "Chasing Ice" and learning the science behind it.
KLCSD1 - STEAM Marble Activities
October 1, 2017
Students discovered how much fun it is to make a 3d maze out of random recycled objects and art materials.
KLCSD III PBL "It's Phenomenal" - Spreading the Word
September 18, 2017
This week in our PBL project - "It's Phenomenal - Spreading the Word", students discovered how phenomenal information has been shared over time, beginning with the birth of early language and the deve...
KLCSD 1 "It's Phenomenal" Unit 1
September 1, 2017
This quarter's PBL is called It's Phenomenal. Students will explore some of the craziest natural phenomena on the planet! This month students learned about the ancient Egyptian pyramids and their writ...
KLCSD 1 "Tinker Shop" Summer PBL
August 1, 2017
Students had so much fun tinkering with different materials. They learned how to create transportation using materials such as wood, cork, foam, rubber, plastic, and paper. The results were fantastic....
KLCSD III PBL - Designing Submersibles
August 1, 2017
During this month, our participants had the opportunity of applying the knowledge of the data they collected (floating and sinking) to imagine, plan and create a submersible design. Participants used ...
Family Health and Nutrition Event
March 29, 2017
Families came to participate in our health and fitness training. We offered nutrition advice and a yoga class to encourage families to exercise together and develop good eating habits and a healthy li...
KLC III PBL - Improving a Play Dough Process
February 1, 2017
Our After School 3, 4 and 5 students had a great time in creating and improving Play Dough. They used the solid and liquid concept, and were able to discover the basic principles of certain substances...
KLC III PBL - A Work in Process: Improving a Play Dough Process
January 31, 2017
During this unit, our after school students discovered a little bit more about Chemical engineers reading about Michele's amazing story. Hands on activities brought joy and learning to our kids.
KLCSD 1 PBL Astronauts
January 1, 2017
Why does an astronaut need a special space suit to go into outer space? How does his suit keep the air out? These are types of questions that students are trying to understand. Students here, are buil...
KLC3 PBL - Designing Maglev Systems - A Transportation Engineering Project
December 28, 2016
Our future "Transportation Engineers" had a great time, innovating, planning and creating a train toy that uses magnets fields to work. After several trials, they did it!! Good job After School !!
KLCSD 1 "Lift Off" and Winter Camp
December 1, 2016
As our space unit continues, students are exploring how rockets are made. They've learned that force, motion, thrust, gravity, and launch are all part of the rocket motion. Here they are creating pape...
KLCSD 1 "Lift Off"
November 1, 2016
The second PBL of the year has come in with a boom. The students are learning all about space!
Parent's Literacy Night - "Compass training"
October 28, 2016
Our partners from "Compass" made this a very informative meeting with our families from Elementary, Middle and After School students. Compass have been working with our students already since the begi...
KLC III PBL Lighten Up: Designing Lighting Systems
October 20, 2016
During this project participants had opportunities to explore electrical designs that use fiber optic, lasers, and also communication systems. They were able to learn about light reflection and reprod...
Hispanic Heritage Celebration
October 14, 2016
Our student's families joined us for a delicious and cultural trip to the different hispanic countries. Typical dance, music, food and amazing classroom projects where the highlights of this event.
October 1, 2016
Students didn't just create new inventions, they also created new words. They learned how words are created as well as the history of the alphabet by playing rhyming and word games.
Parent's Literacy Night and PTC meeting
September 29, 2016
Our Elementary, Middle and After School parent's enjoyed a great evening, full of information about our electronic resources (, reading plus, math IXL, portal office). Thank you so much fo...
KLC III PBL Designing alarm circuits
September 14, 2016
An Alarming Idea: Designing Alarm Circuits. Using the story book our students learned about Emily, and had the opportunity to engage on the process of becoming an electrical engineer. Throughout the l...
September 1, 2016
Our families participated in our 2016 - 2017 After School, Elementary and Middle School OPEN HOUSE. An event full of information where they could meet the teachers of each class and learn a little bit...
September 1, 2016
This new school years After School Program kicked off with a PBL unit that makes them think out of the box. They solved problems such as creating a way for a person on crutches to hold more objects us...
August 13, 2016
OUR SCOUTING SUMMER CAMP WAS A SUCCESS! Students learned about nutrition and cooking, first aid and learning how to make a stretcher, mammals and fish, archery, engineering, astronomy, art, mapping, a...
August 1, 2016
Here are more pictures of the students doing hands on activities about the different layers of soil.
KLCSD III - PBL An Alarming Idea: Designing Alarm Circuits
August 1, 2016
Using the story book: " A "Reminder for Emily", and guided lesson plans, students had the opportunity of engaging in fun and creative activity, discovering how many types of circuits work. Throughout ...
KLCSD III Bright and Smart Robotics
July 6, 2016
Bright & Smart Robotics is an adventure in robotics that amazes students and build upon the STEM learning experience. The students have fun learning the basics of engineering with a complete experienc...
KLCSD III Service Learning
July 5, 2016
The students at KLC III are involved in service learning at the local church on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour each day. This activity combines the learning goals and community service in ways tha...
July 1, 2016
Students took a creative journey learning about all the hot vacation spots around America. They toured states, parks, and more, learning about all the main attractions around the country. Students cre...
Field Trip to Biscayne Nature Center- Seagrass Adventure
July 1, 2016
Students observed the feeding behavior and success rate of blue gill feeding on brine shrimp in two different environments; one with sea-grass and one without. Sea-grasses provide a safe habitat to m...
Miami Children's Museum KLCSD III
June 30, 2016
This field trip serves to enrich the lives of the students by fostering a love of learning and enabling children to realize their highest potential. It offers real life and hands- on learning experien...
KLCSD III PBL Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages
June 27, 2016
Students will learn that packing engineers use what they know about the properties of the product and the needs of the consumer to design packages. Students will learn that packages serve particular f...
Paradise Farms Field Trip KLCSD III
June 16, 2016
Students visit an organic farm to learn hands- on how vegetables, herbs and fruits are grown. Students were exposed and see first hand how these products were packaged for local consumption.
Density Experiment KLCSD III
June 13, 2016
During summer camp the students learned that If an object is less dense than the water around it, it will float. Because salt water is denser than freshwater. The egg floated in the salt water but not...
Summer Camp KLCSD III
June 13, 2016
Our Summer Camp Program is geared around the Project Based Learning concept. The students are engaged in hands-on learning experiences that probe students to ask questions, investigate and respond by ...
KLCSD I - Mind Works - Far Out:Oddities, Extremes & Adventures
June 13, 2016
We are proud to announce that we are using MindWorks curriculum this year for our PBLs!! We will be having 5 PBL's throughout the year. Each PBL has 6 units which include Reading, Math, Art, Social St...
Summer Camp
June 13, 2016
The Summer Camp Program was developed around the concept of Project Based Learning. PBL is a hands-on dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges, simulta...
KLCSD 1: Funky Town Summer PBL
June 1, 2016
Students tried creating their own Funky Houses by becoming architects and creating a blueprint of their own funky houses. Later they created funky houses with pipe cleaners, cards, and other recycled ...
KLCSD III PBL Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages
May 23, 2016
Students will learn about the Engineering Design Process by conducting a controlled experiment. Students will be introduced to the field of package engineering and how the needs of products and consum...
May 6, 2016
Award Ceremony KLCSD III
May 6, 2016
This is to say Good Work to our students who have worked very hard all year. Thanks to 21st CCLC for funding our afterschool program and helping our students to grow.
KLCSD 1- "The Unexplained PBL" May
May 1, 2016
This PBL has been so much fun. Students learned about tall tales like Annie Oakley and Johnny Appleseed. They even created banjo's to go with their theme. Some classes learned all about art such as ho...
Easter Egg Hunt
April 22, 2016
KLCSD III- Earth Day 2016
April 22, 2016
Students were involved in Earth Day activities and rotate from class to class.
In House Field Trip KLCSD III
April 8, 2016
Students learned about the different animals and the role they played in the food cycle. Students were able to interact with the animals and learn about unique characteristics that aid them in surviva...
KLCSD I - PBL The Unexplained
April 1, 2016
Students learned about all kinds of polygons. They played a game called Tangram Race to find out some of the most difficult shapes to create using smaller fragments of shapes.
KLCSD III- PBL-The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators
March 28, 2016
Students will learn about the system of and the need for pollination, the concept Integrated Pest Control (IPM) and the possible problems of introducing non-indigenous species to an existing environme...
KLCSD III - Deering Estate Field Trip 2016
March 24, 2016
Students learned about archaeological excavation and the study of pollination which correlates with our project based learning of "Insects, Plants and Agricultural Engineering."
KLCSD I - "Unexplained"
March 1, 2016
This PBL focuses on students learning about museum curators and how people learn through interactive exhibits Students created unusual artwork by using mirrors. What do you get when you draw on specia...
Black History Celebration
February 25, 2016
Students celebrated Black History Day by learning about inspirational African Americans and the joys of living a life where separation between race is non existent.
Bullying Awareness KLCSD III
February 25, 2016
Students were made aware of the many ways bullying can occur. This event helps students to understand bullying. This workshop talked about what bullying is and how to stand up to it safely. Students w...
KLCSD-III- Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters/The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators
February 22, 2016
Students will culminate the scientific study of water and the water cycle and the human need for clean and safe drinking water. They learned about the important role of environmental engineers in prov...
KLCSD I- PBL "X Marks the Spot"
February 1, 2016
Art can come in different styles and textures. Students learned that tiny pieces of paper can be a part of a much larger masterpiece. Just see how their mosaics were created! They also learned how to ...
KLCSD I - PBL "X Marks the Spot"
January 4, 2016
Students learned about volcanoes, especially the ones found in Hawaii called Mauna. They also learned about different kinds of rocks including igneous rocks that come directly from lava. Students were...
National School Choice Week 2016
January 1, 2016
The goal of National School Choice Week (NSCW) is to raise public awareness of all types of education options for children. These options include traditional public schools, public charter schools, ma...
KLCSD III-PBL- Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters
January 1, 2016
Afterschool students will recognize that engineers design technologies to solve problems dealing with air, water, and soil contamination in many parts of the country and in their local communities. St...
KLCSD III- PBL- Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters
December 1, 2015
In this unit, students will explore and discuss the connection between the scientific study of water and the water cycle, the human need for clean and safe drinking water, and the important role of th...
KLCSD I - "X Marks the Spot"
December 1, 2015
Our second PBL for this year has our kids exploring the hidden wonders of the world. It's called "X Marks the Spot" and focuses on the treasures and foot prints man-kind has left behind in the most bi...
KLCSD III- PBL-Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters
November 30, 2015
In this unit, students will explore and discuss the connection between the scientific study of water and the water cycle, the human need for clean and safe drinking water, and the important role of th...
KLCSD III - PBL - A Slick Solution: Cleaning An Oil Spill
November 1, 2015
In this unit, students will explore and discuss the connection between the scientific study of water and the water cycle, the human need for clean and safe drinking water, and the important role of th...
KLCSD I - Going to Extremes
November 1, 2015
Ever heard of a playground made out of a pirate ship or a parking lot made completely out of glass? Our PBL's have taken our students on a journey to see the most extreme architectures in the world. S...
KLCSD III - PBL - A Slick Solution: Cleaning An Oil Spill
September 7, 2015
Phase 2 Students continue to explore the field of environmental engineering as they will use the Engineering Design Process to “design”,” implement”, “evaluate” and” improve” a process for cleaning a...
KLCSD I - PBL - Going to Extemes
September 7, 2015
Students are learning all about the bizarre, especially with optical illusions. Before cartoons made their debut, motion pictures were often enjoyed with simple toys like the thaumatrope. You can plac...
KLCSD III- PBL- A Slick Solution: Cleaning An Oil Spill
August 24, 2015
Phase 1 A Slick Solution: Cleaning Oil Spill For 13 weeks, students will use academic skills (science, math, literature, language arts, geography, and social science) to explore the importance of th...
KLCSD I - PBL - Going to Extremes
August 24, 2015
In our After School Project, students focus on the extremes of the world including natural wonders, architecture, animals, art, and bodies. Here students are focusing on their unit of amazing bodies. ...
June Graduation Day
June 1, 2015
Our staff and students plan and work very hard to give the parents a memorable experience during our Annual Graduation celebration. Each year our graduation class grows bigger and bigger and we are ve...
Parent Teacher Committee Meeting
May 21, 2015
PTG meetings are very important for all parents to be a positive model in their child’s life and to be a community member in the school. We will provide PTG Bylaws to parents and schedule volunteer ho...
Mommy and me Day Preschool and VPK
May 8, 2015
To show our Mothers all the love and appreciation we prepare a special breakfast. This year we will have a dance day, all the students will share those special smiles and hugs with the mothers. We wil...
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 4, 2015
Teaching is a profession like no other. Many careers require dedication, hard work, a skills set, charisma and intelligence. However teaching also requires more unique qualities; the ability to strike...
Earth Day Celebration
April 22, 2015
Kids Learning Center is partners with 21st CCLC which has given us a great opportunity to work on Project Based Learning skills to teach the students Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking an...
Spirit Week
April 20, 2015
During this week we ask students to wear crazy socks, superhero outfits, sports day, backwards day and crazy hat day.
Spring Celebration
April 2, 2015
Spring time is a season of changes and growth. Here at school we learn about the beauty of nature and of God’s creations. We celebrate what we see around us and learn the process of changes within our...
Parent Teacher Committee Meeting
March 19, 2015
PTC meetings are very important for all parents to be a positive model in their child’s life and to be a community member in the school. We will provide PTG Bylaws to parents and schedule volunteer ho...
Daddy and Me Day Preschool and VPK
March 13, 2015
To honoring our fathers we celebrate Daddy and me day. This day we have a picnic and special activities to share with them for example; sports, art, play in the playground and more.
Black History Celebration
February 20, 2015
The month of February will be celebrating Black History Month. We have been learning great things about the people of this community and their contribution to this great nation of ours. Student will p...
Celebrating Friendships Activities
February 13, 2015
During the Month of February, students work on “How to Be a Good Friend” With projects and activities during free time and homework, students will understand the importance of being a role model to no...
100th Day of School
January 21, 2015
On January 21, Kids learning Center celebrates the 100th day of school through indoor and outdoor activities and decorations. Students work on pre and post lessons around this date. This 100th day of ...
St. Jude's: Trike-a-Thon Fundraiser
January 21, 2015
St. Jude is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facility. Discoveries made here have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. With re...
Grandparents Day Preschool and VPK
January 15, 2015
Grandparents are very special and important in our children life, that’s why we have a day that the Preschool grandparents are invited to share breakfast with their grandchild.
Winter Holiday Show
December 18, 2014
Under the direction of our creative and enthusiastic teachers, Kids Learning Center holds its annual Winter Holiday show. Every year the students and staff work hard in creating an unforgettable prese...
Be a Santa to a Senior Activity
December 1, 2014
Each year Home Instead Senior Care® local nursery facilities spread holiday cheer to lonely or financially-challenged seniors through the Be a Santa to a Senior program. The program has attracted upwa...
Thanksgiving Celebration
November 26, 2014
Kids Learning Center is blessed have family and friends that have grown together throughout the years. During Thanksgiving week, we take the time to specially thank the families for their support and ...
Parent Teacher Committee Meeting
November 25, 2014
PTC meetings are very important for all parents to be a positive model in their child’s life and to be a community member in the school. We will provide PTC Bylaws to parents and schedule volunteer ho...
Annual Food Drive
November 3, 2014
Working alongside with The Children’s Trust, and 21 Century, we hold an annual food drive that allows the students to understand their community and have a life learning lessons as they complete this ...
Book Character Festival
October 31, 2014
The students will bring a story book and come dressed like their favorite character of the book. Each students will explain what they like of that book, and their favorite part of the book.
Scholastic Book Fair
October 27, 2014
Kids Learning Center holds a week long Book Fair in the school for all ages and holds a Parent Literacy night in which the Parents can preview and read a purchased book to the students in a reading co...
Red Ribbon Week
October 20, 2014
This is a nation-wide recognized week for presenting a drug prevention program, as well as, drug awareness for grades PK-12. Red Ribbon Week was inspired by the tragic death in 1985 of undercover Drug...
Hispanic Heritage Celebration
October 10, 2014
During the month of October, Kids Learning Center hold a grand festival celebrating all Hispanic heritages. Students wear clothing to represent countries all around the world as they parade throughout...
Elementary Open House
September 17, 2014
Every year parents come to the school to meet and greet their child’s teacher for the new school year 2014-2015. It is a great opportunity to receive clarification concerning the curriculum and the sc...
Parent Teacher Committee Meeting
September 17, 2014
PTG meetings are very important for all parents to be a positive model in their child’s life and to be a community member in the school. We will provide PTG Bylaws to parents and schedule volunteer ho...
First Day of Class 2014-2015
August 18, 2014
The first day of school can easily become overwhelming for both the child and the parent. Here at Kids Learning Center we work hard to make this transition a memorable one. High expectations and new d...
Elementary /Afterschool New School Year Orientation
August 13, 2014
Every year, parents are invited to participate in an in house workshop during which the following topics are discussed: •School Programs: Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, After School, Summer Camp...
VPK/Preschool New School Year Orientation
August 12, 2014
Every year, parents are invited to participate in an in house workshop during which the following topics are discussed: •School Programs: Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, After School, Summer Camp...
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